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  • No plugins required.

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How to Improve Post Interlinking?
To improve post interlinking, look at posts without many inbound links from your site, and add links to these posts from other posts. A good opportunity for this is from posts which do not have many outbound links. Koelinks Link Analyser can help you figure out which posts need more inbound links and which posts need more outbound links. Check it out here: Link Analyser
How do I use Koelinks?
  1. Open up the Link Analyser
  2. Enter the domain of a wordpress site (please don't link to a post)
  3. Click GO to identify posts which could benefit from more links (either inbound or outbound)

The number of posts box indicates the number of posts to analyse. There is currently a 100 post limit on the number of posts to prevent website spam

What is Post Interlinking?
Post Interlinking is the placing of links in a blog post that guide the reader to open up another blog post on your site. Interlinking between posts encourages the reader to stay on your site.
Can non-Wordpress sites benefit from interlinking?
Any blog can benefit from interlinking, however Koelinks currently only works with Wordpress.
Do I need to install a plugin?
Plugins are not necessary, Koelinks is designed to work from the browser, without any additional plugins.
Why is interlinking posts important?
It encourages your users to spend more time with your content. This gives you more opportunity to engage with your users, to guide them towards useful products, and it improves a bunch of SEO metrics. I found this to be a helpful explanation of why interlinking is useful.
Why does my link count not change when I update posts?
I found that my ad network, using its cloud provider, was caching my site. This meant that when I updated posts, Koelinks would use the old version of the site. If recent changes aren't showing up in Koelinks, try clearing the cache with your cloud provider / ad network.
I have feedback, feature requests, bug reports, or I want to get in contact.
The best way to contact me for feature requests is on Buy Me a Coffee. Otherwise, my email is contact@koelinks (fill in the .com)


Born out of frustration with expensive and intrusive tools and plugins for analysing a Wordpress site, Koelinks offers a quick and simple way to figure out which posts need to have their interlinking improved. I originally wrote this tool to analyse my own site to improve my own interlinking, then I figured why not share it with the world.

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